Opportunity & Challenges in Poultry Industry

Poultry farming is increasingly becoming a very popular practice for those in the agricultural-sub-sectors in both developed and developing countries. Poultry contributes to food security and nutrition substantially. They provide necessary protein and other essential micro nutrients to human beings in addition to poverty alleviation.

Challenges in Poultry Industry

What are the common opportunities and challenges in poultry farming?


Source of income

Poultry farming has a reputation for being a huge capital investment for millions of people across the globe. The beauty of poultry farming is that it can be a great source of continuous income particularly for those who invest in the right new age tools to help them manage grandparent & parent flock efficiently. Those specializing in broilers only have to wait for 6-10 weeks only to start generating income. Interestingly, poultry farmers are nowadays using ERP to manage hatchery and sustain profits by measuring key parameters on day to day basis.

Quick ROI in the poultry industry

Another incredible opportunity in poultry farming is its quick ROI.Many farmers are smiling all the way to the bank after making good money selling poultry meat, eggs, feathers, and manure. Unlike most investments, poultry farming requires less investment, less time span, a little water for cleaning/drinking, less poultry feed and less space to get started but gives a rapid return on investment.

Nutritional value

Broilers and layers rearing come with tremendous nutritional value for humans. Poultry meat prices keep increasing due to their substantial amount of essential amino acids, protein, and low cholesterol levels.

Poverty alleviation

Poultry farming is an incredible source of income for millions of farmers globally. The industry offers both full time and part time employment opportunities to farmers in developing countries. Apart from their nutritious meat and eggs, poultry birds contribute substantially to poverty alleviation.

Unorganized Area

Poultry farming is still an area where technology adoption is very low. Farmers with advance ue of the technology such as Mobility, Automatic Machines, Software For Poultry, can gain leverage from the competition.


Climate change

Poultry contributes to climate change, particularly through feed production. They consume large quantities of natural resources, large portions of land, nutrients, and water which can impact on the environment significantly.

Financial challenges.

About 80% of poultry farmers worldwide face capital problems. Accessibility to Financial assistance through loans or government funding is imperative in order for poultry farmers to get fully equipped to grow their farms faster and make profits.

Inadequate information on poultry farming system

The majority of poultry farmers in developing countries lack unlimited accessibility to the right information about poultry farming software & systems. Modern farmers need access to adequate information about using software to grow their farms effectively.

Diseases and parasites outbreaks

While some poultry birds are more resistant to certain diseases, others succumb to them within a short time span. The outbreak of diseases and parasites is a common challenge that all Poultry farmers face globally.

Inaccessibility to the right poultry bird breeds.

Millions of poultry farmers have fallen victim to companies that sell them wrong breeds of birds leading to huge losses.

Poultry Feed problems

Many farmers are faced with the challenge of finding the right food for their birds leading to nutrient deficiencies. The market may be flooded with cheaper grains but they lack adequate nutrients required for poultry birds’ balanced diets.

Additionally, poultry farmers encounter water, drug, and poultry farming system management, animal welfare related problems, food safety, environmental challenges, Nutrient utilization and Feed Formulation


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