Convert your Poultry Farm into Smart Farm

Synopsis: As a result of the increase in the world’s population there has been steep increase in demand for food supply. Due to this industries are putting considerable effort into innovate methodologies to make food production more efficient, smarter, profitable yet being affordable. Current statistics suggest 85-90% of world population is non-vegetarian. Hence we all can understand importance of a poultry farm.

Convert your Poultry Farm into Smart Farm

The environmental conditions in poultry houses are a key factor in the growth of the birds. We cannot expect Un-healthy birds to grow as per standard. Importantly hatched chick cannot maintain a proper body temperature without help. Hence monitoring key parameter and that on a real time basis is important. The blog shall take you through how modern day farm uses technology like to manage and have automated critical business processes to ensure zero deviation from the standards.

Identifying need to effectively control poultry farm?

Consider a challenge where chicks with reduced weight gains, while high NH3 levels result in poor feed conversion, reduced weight gain and increased susceptibility to disease. This further can lead to depress growth and decrease feed conversion efficiency in broilers ultimately forcing to increase mortality rates.

Similarly there is increasing concern in the poultry industry with regard to high ambient temperatures; this concern may be attributed to rapid development of the industry with climate change and also to reduced performance and increased mortality of poultry specifically during summer. They resort to panting as temperatures increase which increased metabolic rate and evaporative cooling. Body temperatures must remain close to 41 degree centigrade; an increase beyond the regulated adverse results. Thereby the birds consume less food, and convert the feed less efficiently.

 Also, if ventilation is not sufficient, heat stress can occur at a variety of temperatures. In cooler climates, birds are susceptible to cold stress. Cold temperatures during the initial stages of the broiler cycle could result in impaired immune and digestive systems, which will result in reduced growth and an increased probability of contracting diseases. When birds lose heat at an uncontrolled rate, cold stress occurs. If bird feed is converted to heat energy for warmth, bird daily growth rate is reduced.

Why do we need Smart Poultry Farm?

  • Integration of sensors with mobile network for Monitoring Parameters like FCR, Mortality, etc.
  • Keep control on the farm cycle while managing the average delivery weight of chick.
  • Bird live weight, heartbeat, feed intake, ventilation
  • Calculation of eggs collected to prevent theft and keep watch on crack eggs.
  • Control of the environment in a poultry farm via Internet based Smart Sensing Platform
  • Other factor like monitoring temperature & air pollution level in the farm.
  • Create alert on task like vaccination, identification or deviation like heat, humidity, noise etc
  • This is intended to make work much easier and efficient in poultry farm management.
  • Keep a watch on standard vs. deviations male and female wise.

How does NAVFarm can help you convert into Smart farms?

Prudence Technology has created NAVFarm on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics using open source technology to enable and ensure data is collected at every level, automatically as well as manual. With a core objective of integrative farm to fork, NAVFarm ensures management of complete forward backward integration. Critical area defined within NAVFarm:

  • Feed Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Livestock Management
  • Layering and Hatcheries Management
  • Slaughtering and Food Processing
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Medicines Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution & Retail

The platform is extended on mobile and tablets to enable farmed capture the data. IOT also contributes in capturing of critical data like parameter monitoring, vaccination schedule, temperature management etc. Similarly it can help you in controlling quality and standardization across contributing to your brand and help creating market for your product. For more information please visit


Importance of FCR for Farmer

From many years livestock industry is moving towards efficient ways of feed utilization in order to maximize the output product. To achieve this livestock industry needs dependable indicators to figure out the performance of livestock after ingesting the feed. Means how efficiently livestock has converted the feed into desired product. For example if animals are raised for meat then desired output product is flesh. In case of dairy farm the desired output product is milk. While in case of layer farming the output is egg production.

FCR importence in farming

Feed efficiency is generally divided in two categories

  • Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE)


  • Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

FCR is mostly used in poultry. It is the ratio of feed taken by a bird to the live weight. FCR is a unit less quantity and a ratio of 1:1 is considered to be ideal in poultry. A bird with low FCR is considered to be efficient in producing live weight.

Why Do Farmers Need to Find FCR?

FCR is basically a guideline which helps farmers to save the feed cost and gets maximum live weight. By using FCR the farmers will be able to:

  • Compare the birds in terms of feed conversion. i.e efficient feed converter or poor feed converter
  • Compare various feeds in terms of efficiency
  • Determine the required amount of feed a bird needs in it’s complete growing cycle
  • Determine the cost of feed

How Can Farmers Achieve an Ideal FCR?

As we know small variation in FCR may result in financial penalty. So in order to achieve an ideal FCR, first we need to understand where the problems exist. I mean which factors can affect the FCR.

Feed Management from Brooding to Adult

Brooding period (1st 7 to 10 days) is crucial. During this period heat loss of body is very low or almost zero. So birds can utilize maximum feed.

By providing an adequate feeding amount and space to chicks, farmers can achieve good FCR. Following steps can be advantageous for best results.

  • Height of feeders should be adjusted regularly according to bird size. So it can access the feed easily
  • It’s important to fill the feeders with expected intake of the bird. Excessive filling causes the feed wastage and results in high FCR

NAVfarm ERP software provides full control over the feed. By using NAVfarm ERP software the farmers can  monitor feed requirement according to diet. It provides   weight and food graphs based on  flock  and available feed space. This feature assists farmers to understand the feed requirement on a daily or weekly cycle.

In addition to this feed casting feature of NAV help farmers to observe the FCR results even if they have more than one farm. They can also see separate results for each farm.

Temperature Impacts Feed Intake

Temperature is another important entity that impact FCR. If temperature increases more than comfortable level of the bird. The bird will reduce the feed intake. Hence growth becomes slow and FCR increases. On the other hand if temperature decreases than comfort level of bird. Bird will take more feed to maintain body temperature and growth will be slow. So by maintaining the temperature farmers can reach to an ideal level.

Hatchery  management  system  of  NAVfarm  help  farmers  to  keep  a  close  eye  on  various parameters  including  temperature  from  incubators  to  adult  chicken.  The  mobile  application provides  a  real-time  information  and  alert  farmers  in  case  of  any  danger.  So  increase your productivity with NAVfarm software.

Precise Nutrients in Feeding

It is necessary to keep the feeding process according to bird’s requirements. Today with the help of technology and research we can determine the exact requirement of amino acids in feed. If farmers maintain high precision of amino acids in the feed, it is possible to transmute all protein into flesh. Hence maximum live weight can be achieved.

Improve Your Dairy Distribution With NavFarm

Improve Your Dairy Distribution With NavFarm
Prudence Technology takes pride in revolutionizing agriculture through cutting edge technology that is NAVFARM. The application is merely a tool to make the whole experience much easier while improving the farms. NAVFARM is one of the reasons to work with prudence technology for the improvement of the livestock farming. On top of that, we, the prudence team, have found it necessary to provide support for dairy and distribution of the bi products. We understand how delicate this area is and it is our joy to present to ways to improve the sector.

Thanks to Microsoft, we Integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your dairy business to offer flexibility and easy solutions to enable growth. The implementation of the suite brings all the moving parts of the business under one control. From marketing, distribution to project planning, any dairy farmer will secure the business with Microsoft dynamics NAV. Let the change be permanent with this service.

In terms of quality, we never compromise. Any business to us is an investment that we take to the next level. The dairy distribution requires special attention. The products from this area of livestock farming are highly vulnerable. It is therefore up to us, to educate and provide the necessary technology to make sure that the farmers do not incur losses due to substandard quality.

Just like the bi-products of Dairy farming, Dairy livestock needs special kind of treatment as well. We help with this kind of work. By spreading the word on the breed type, feeding strategies, ingredients needed and so on, we ensure that the dairy distribution never stops. Apart from that, livestock and feed management also includes income and expenses. NAVFARM is aimed at supporting proper record-keeping for better business.

We have the best interests at heart. Businesses into dairy farming and other types of livestock farming get business oriented solutions to make organizations understand the business needs. The ERP systems are insightful for better decision making all directed to making dairy farming simple and efficient. With us, it is possible monitor growth and analyze what is lacking to make the practice prosper.

Dairy distribution does not have to be one of those areas to avoid when taking up livestock farming. NAVFARM should be your leading partner throughout the journey. Step by step, theses services will be offered to increase milk yield and enable a successful dairy business. Come experience our services and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Opportunity & Challenges in Poultry Industry

Poultry farming is increasingly becoming a very popular practice for those in the agricultural-sub-sectors in both developed and developing countries. Poultry contributes to food security and nutrition substantially. They provide necessary protein and other essential micro nutrients to human beings in addition to poverty alleviation.

Challenges in Poultry Industry Continue reading

Are you a modern Hatchery owner with complete automation in Farming, Hatchery & Processing?

The development of NAVFARM by prudence technology on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics Navision has created a major way of improving your Hatchery to food processing business. With the integrated system and the advanced function of the breeding and monitoring process, you would have a sure way of leveling up your hatchery business to the next level.


You will have the full advantage of raising your flocks to the point of making a large sale with it. The function and the software combined would guarantee of an effective control of the inventory and the success of the ERP for Poultry. The availability of the stocks would be checked and a sure way of managing the business would be ensured in a fast and easy way possible.

Captures the Cost and Related Concepts

The Feed Processing software lets you handle the feeding industry in the accurate way by determining function and costs of the feeding process. The software makes it easier on your part to ensure the hatching process would be successful all the time. In capturing the right cost of the process of the business, you could fully control the expenses and finances of the business.

Inventory Control Made Easy

If you are the owner of the business, it would be a good way to set your faming on a high level by doing the inventory process in a correct way. The right inventory would lessen trouble in calculating finances, determining the cost of sales and many more. Once the inventory process is made according to this software, there would be no problem in terms of function and operations of your business.

Traceability of the Flocks and Chicks

In taking the Software for Poultry, the manufacturing or chicks and the breeding process would be fully integrated to make your business successful. The technology would ensure the right number of the chicks and the flocks in an accurate manner. The traceability would result in the proper process and integration of the hatchery and poultry business. Thus with traceability, the system of production would be made smooth and effective.

Planning and Scheduling in Advance

With the use of Mobile application for the rearing of chicks, you could set an advanced manner in the rearing of the flocks and chicks.  The planning and setting is very important to make sure the stock production would not be affected. In this case, you would not have any difficulty in setting the procedures required for the business you plan to build. Taking the Egg Laying Management Software would also ensure the egg laying process is accurate enough to meet your requirements.

Your hatchery or poultry business would have a full function of the processes it has due to the prudence technology and Microsoft dynamics. The successful process together with the automated software would make the profit and inventory of hatchery an easy and secure way. This is the same as ERP for Meat Processing wherein the right handling of demands and inventory leads to good profits.

 Every business deserves success and the technology makes it happen through the right process, function and assistance of both technologies in your business.

Retail Industry & Software Advantage in India

India retail industry is mix of roadside shop to the modern retail store contributing to a strong and consistent growth. In coming days, the penetration of the Modern retail is going to be double by growing at a rate of more than 20%. The major contributor to this growth will be:

  • Urbanization
  • Middle Class Income Growth
  • Attitudinal shift of Indian consumer
  • Modernization of local retailers

With sudden growth there are challenges which will come on this path of the growth. These challenges can be identified with the systematic analysis of the data generated by the retail management software. The new age retail management software is flexible when it comes to the functionality but supports a rigid control across the value chain. The challenges addressed by the new age retail software are:

  • Automation of the billing cycle
  • Automation of the price management, scheme management
  • Location control
  • Shelf life control for the perishable items
  • Inventory control across value chain from warehouse to the point of sales

These kind of operational challenges are supported very well by the Retail Management Software however apart from this, the data generated by these software helps in managerial decision support system. These systems pull data to represent the intelligence such as:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Store wise profitability/expense analysis
  • Sales person wise performance
  • Counter wise optimization of the store layout etc

In order to implement the software for the retail management, you need not to be a large chain of retail stores. You need to have a vision to create a chain of stores. Once software is implemented, it will be a matter of hours to roll out another store. Expansions will be cake walk for you. So whether you are a large chain of restaurants, Single Brand Retail store, multi brand retail store or large warehouses: you should implement effective software which supports end to end value chain.

LS1 retail supported by Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the best software for retail management. You can contact for any further details.